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Смотреть Групповые девочки 20 / gang bang girl 20

Категории: ГангБангДвойное ПроникновениеСперма на лицоСпермовыстрелСексОргия
В ролях: Erika BellaJennifer RedMissyTyra Olsen
Студии: Anabolic Digital
Stunning Erika Bella and Mercedesz can't find their way around the mall and wander into a high-tech motorcycle emporium. The two girls are soon pretty happy that they've lost their way, however, when they meet, greet, and eat some of the best cocksmen in the business. While it's occasionally difficult to figure out who's putting what where (a fairly common phenomenon in a gangbang vid), there are more than a few thrilling sights. Standout bits include a d.p. marathon and Bella taking a six-un facial which she then shares with Mercedesz. Next up is Aussie Tyra Olsen, who is informed by body shop owner Sean Michaels that she can have a lot more worked on than just her car. So a new group of guys (including a mustachioed Missy!) shows up to make good on Michaels' promise. It's quite a sight to behold Olsen flat on her back receiving anal after pounding anal. For the finale, the guys come in a funnel that's being held over Olsen's lips by the ever-nasty Missy.
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