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Категории: ГонзоАналОт первого лицаЗрелыеBig BoobsИгрушкиОральный сексМинетCumSwap
В ролях: Lisa AnnErik Everhard
Nice opening here as Erik's sitting down to write a letter to Dear Old Santa. At least Erik's honest and begins by saying he's been a bad boy this year but hopes that Santa might forgive him and show him a little mercy with the gifts. As he's writing and talking the letter out to us we see Lisa coming with gifts in hand and she's got on an nice holiday themed naughty outfit complete with the Santa hat so I think Eriks wish has been granted. Hmm Lisa's pretty honest too saying she only brings gifts for those that have been very naughty so she's come to the right place! We're in POV mode here and Lisa looks so good in holiday red and she does bring gifts-- dvds, lol, at least they are Jules Jordan ones! Well time to play for real and tits come out, Erik gets to feel those nipples then it's turned over to Lisa who shows off that ass, there's some finger and toy play too on that ass which we know will see some action, anal with Lisa Ann!! But before that we thankfully get those pretty lips wrapped around Erik'c Candy Cane and it's hard one too. It's holiday time nearly so it's great to have a bit of the ole cheer spread. Great POV shots as Erik nails her in vag, mish saw those boobs dancing and the overhead shot looking down on her quivering ass cheeks in vag doggie might cause a few loads to shoot out prematurely so slap Mr. Happy if you're close here. So they stay with doggie for the first anal and again the shots looking down here were quite good. Shot of the scene for me anyway comes shortly as Lisa's on top tits/ pussy/ass all facing to us and she rides and rides and rides! Not a huge fan of the girl jerking the load out as she hovers over the cock which is what we get here but still some real nice anal work here from Lisa Ann and I'd love to come out Christmas Morning and find her under my tree!!
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