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Смотреть Сцена из "Безумная Любовь Рокко 2 / Rocco's Psycho Love 2"

Категории: ГонзоАналThreesomesБольшой членИгрушкиСперма на лицоОральный сексМинет
В ролях: Nessa DevilSilvie DeLux (as Sylvia DeLuxe)Ian Scott
Rocco's Psycho Love 2. Scene Four: Next up we have Sylvia DeLuxe, a beautiful brunette wearing a black top and a denim miniskirt being groped and molested by Rocco until Nessa Devil, a blonde wearing a white top and red miniskirt grabs Sylvia and brings her over to a gazebo area for some reason where Ian Scott awaits. Ian starts warming Nessa up while Sylvia sits around smoking cigarettes and staring vacantly into space. Eventually Sylvia starts masturbating while Nessa gives Ian a BJ, until her sets her down on a loveseat and gives her a good missionary fuck before switching to reverse cowgirl. Meanwhile Sylvia picks up a huge dildo and services herself. I wonder why Nessa didn't just leave her with Rocco? So they Eventually switch to anal, still in reverse cowgirl. Nessa stops for a BJ, but climbs back on for standard cowgirl anal. By the time they go for doggie, Sylvia joins in by catching some ATM, and it isn't long before her bootyhole is being prepped while she rims Nessa's gape. Ian grabs Sylvia and brings her to a different love seat, and they basically do the same thing all over again, I find it worth noting that Sylvia bears a mild resemblance to Jenna Haze, anyway so Nessa gets back into it and the girls share a BJ. Ian gives Nessa a bit more Missionary anal before cumming on their faces. The girls share a cum kiss and Rocco asks to see Nessa's butthole once again before we fade out. Not a bad scene. The anal was hot, the girls were beautiful, and the location was cool. It felt a little out of place but it was a good scene.
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